EduCraft Ideas is all about helping teachers, parents, or anyone who is connected to teaching in some way.  Whether your an 8th-grade math teacher, parent of a 4-year-old, or a blogger who writes about teaching dance to 7-year-olds.

The pictures on this page are freely given to you for any use.  Every aspect of each scene has been modeled from scratch by me, so there shouldn’t be any license infringement.

Additionally, if you’d like any of the pictures without the text in them, (so you can add your own) Leave a comment and I’ll post blank version as well.

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Sometimes the differences between us so too great.

Down Teresa Bunny960x540.



Download Reading Time892x512.  Download Reading Time440x253.

Sad Bear in class
Staying after School can be a lonely experience for everyone.

This is how I felt when I had to stay after school.  Even the sunshine thinks I should be out playing

Download Feeling Bad 1026×706.  Download Feeling Bad 906×512.

When its nice out, it’s hard to be inside.

Sometimes the clock doesn’t seem to be working with us.

Download A nice day out 844×709. Download A nice day out 262×220.

After School Tutoring

Download Hi resolution “After School Tutoring” 

After School Tutor (Twitter size)

Download Twitter size 440×220

Download 1920×1080

Download 1920×1080

The man’s always watching.

Download 1920×1080

So Many Distractions!

Download 1080×1080 (Instagram)

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